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Overcoming Barriers to Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine in Haldimand and Norfolk

Are you looking for a COVID-19 vaccine? See below for answers to common questions.

What if I do not have identificatoin/ ID?
You can still get a COVID-19 vaccine in Ontario if you do not have a health card. Even if you do not have other photo identification, you are still eligible for receiving a vaccine.

Is help available if I cannot get to a vaccine clinic?
Yes! If you are unable to get to a vaccine clinic, you can email or call 519-427-5903 to request free transportation.

What if I cannot leave my home to go for a vaccine?
If you are unable to leave your home for medical reasons, you can email or call 519-427-5903 to be added to a list for homebound vaccinations.

Will the COVID-19 vaccine interfere with medications or other drugs/ substances that I am taking?
Steroids or other immunosuppressants (e.g. cancer treatment) may impact the effectiveness of the vaccine. To talk to a nurse about if your medications or substance will impact the vaccine, you can call the Haldimand Norfolk Health Unit at 519-426-6170.

I am ready for an appointment. How do I book a vaccine?
To book an appointment, you can call 519-427-5903 or email You can also ask your family doctor or your pharmacist if they are offering vaccines in their office.

For more information visit: Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Page (external link)

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