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Youth Mental Health Court Worker

The Youth Mental Health Court Worker provides support to youth who are involved in the youth justice system, and who are also struggling with their mental health. Support is provided during the court process, and will assist the youth in connecting with local services that may be helpful to them.

Youth charged with a lesser offence may be eligible to apply for a mental health diversion. The Youth Mental Health Court Worker will be able to assist the youth in applying for this diversion by developing and following through with a plan to participate in appropriate supports. If successful, the change may be withdrawn.

The Youth Mental Health Court Worker Program is a voluntary program for youth living in Haldimand or Norfolk, and who are:

  • 12-17 at the time of charge
  • Willing to provide, at minimum, verbal consent to initiate services


To make a referral
Referrals can be made directly to the Youth Mental Health Court Worker (available at youth court in Simcoe and Cayuga) or by calling 519-587- 2441 or toll free at 1-800- 265-8087 Ext 393

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