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Regional Student Nutrition Program

In 2005, H-N REACH was selected as the Hamilton Niagara region’s Lead Agency for the Ontario Student Nutrition Program (SNP). The goal of provincial SNP is to help provide nutritious meals and snacks to children and youth to support their learning and healthy development. Provincial funding currently supports communities in providing universal access to nutritious meals and snacks at program sites across the region.  Participation in a nutrition program can play an important role in maximizing student success.  H-N REACH is also the sponsor agency for the Child Nutrition Network (CNN) which is the local provider for the Student Nutrition Program in Haldimand and Norfolk counties.  H-N REACH contracts with three additional organizations in the Hamilton/Niagara region to provide SNP in the Brant, Hamilton and Niagara communities

Am I Eligible?

Local school based nutrition programs are eligible to receive MCYS funding if they meet the following program principles:

Universal access to programs.

  • All children and youth at each SNP site have the opportunity to access the program; and,
  • Programs are non-stigmatizing and do not single out participating children and youth.

Safe and nutritious food is served.

  • The foods offered (whether purchased or donated) are nutritious and follow the SNP Nutrition Guidelines (2008);
  • Food offered is sensitive to faiths and cultures of children, youth and their families;
  • Student Nutrition Program facilities follow and respect public health regulations; and,
  • Supply sources of program food adhere to industry best practices related to food safety and traceability

Community Involvement

  • Local stakeholders are engaged in the design, implementation and administration of the program so that programs can address specific site and community needs;
  • Child and youth participation is encouraged as much as possible;
  • Parents and/or caregivers are welcomed and encouraged to support and contribute(financially and/or volunteering) to programs according to their ability; and that;
  • Fundraising and partnership development within the broader community occurs to increase the funding base of the program.
  • In addition to adhering to program principles, local programs receiving MCYS funding must:
    1. Demonstrate to Lead Agencies or flow-through agencies that program criteria are being met (e.g. participate in site visits, teleconferences);
    2. Provide financial reports on the use of provincial funding;
    3. Report program data to the Lead Agency or flow-through agencies and respond to requests for information as required;
    4. Adhere to any financial requirements as determined by the Lead Agency and/or flow through agency

Adherence to program principles does not guarantee that every grant request will be funded.

Lead Agencies, community partnerships and/or flow-through agencies must consider available funding when determining program eligibility.


Provincial investment in the program provides a foundation to enable communities to leverage additional donations from program partners and maximize the proportion of funding allocated to nutritious food. MCYS funding for provincially identified designated programs is provided to support 15 per cent of program costs.  MCYS funding for non-designated programs is provided to support up to 15 per cent of program costs. 

Within both designated and non-designated programs, program costs include food and consumable supplies (e.g. soap, napkins, utensils, etc).

To Get Started:

Call the Supervisor of the Regional Student Nutrition Program at 519-587-2441 or 1-800-265-8087 Ext: 408

Please note that R.E.A.C.H. is a strict scent free workplace
as we have employees with severe sensitivities.

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