Privacy Policy

Privacy is important to us!

At Haldimand-Norfolk REACH we take privacy very seriously. For this reason, we have several policies and practices in place that help to ensure that the information you share with us is private and confidential unless you give us permission to share this with others. Sometimes, we do share information with our funders that is non-identifying, we share information with supervisors as part of service planning, and sometimes during an agency accreditation process our participant files are reviewed. When an accreditation review occurs, the reviewers are professionals who also sign our agency confidentiality agreement. There are also some limits to privacy when safety may be an issue. We have attached two documents for you here to learn more about the agency’s responsibilities to keep your information private.

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The Agency endeavours to provide a Scent-Free environment for the safety and comfort of all. Please refrain from the use of scented products when attending any of our sites and/or programs.
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