Our Story

In 1980, a group of local citizens concerned with the well being of area children began meeting to discuss the unmet needs of our community. From those early discussions, the idea of establishing a local Children’s Mental Health agency was born.

By planting a seed of concern for the area’s children over twenty-five years ago, a group of local visionaries took an ambitious idea and created an agency that today provides services and supports to thousands of infants, preschoolers, children, youth and adults living in the counties of Haldimand and Norfolk.

From its very early days, the leadership of REACH realized that meeting the needs of our children and families was too tall a job for any one organization and that a collective and coordinated effort was required. Working together was clearly the key to providing meaningful services in our communities and this basic value continues to this day.

Haldimand-Norfolk REACH is a multi-service agency, providing children’s mental health services, developmental services, Autism services, youth justice services, family services, a residential program for transitional-aged youth and several early learning and care services including licensed childcare, Ontario Early Years Centre(s) and Community Action Program for Children. REACH serves as the Lead Agency for the Student Nutrition Program in the Hamilton/Niagara Region. Through our Contact Division, the agency serves as the single point of access for children’s and developmental services.

REACH is recognized as a local leader in community education, advocacy, inter-sector collaboration and Community Service Planning.

REACH is a not-for-profit, non-share corporation and a registered charity under the Income Tax Act (Charitable Business No. 10691 4757 RR0001).

Please note that R.E.A.C.H. is a strict scent free workplace
as we have employees with severe sensitivities.

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