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Groups & Workshops for Young People & Caregivers

HN REACH offers both virtual and in-person group programs and workshops for children, youth and their parents or caregivers on an as needed basis. Groups help children and youth who are working through common problems to find solutions and build support with others. Parents/caregivers can choose from on-going weekly groups as well as  multi-week curriculum based groups.  Please continue to check our Upcoming Events for information about groups.

Groups & Workshops for Young People

Temper Tamer Group (age 7 to 11)

“Temper Tamers” is a virtual group for children between the ages of 7 and 11 and their caregivers which assists with concerns about anger, aggression and hostility in the family.

Is TEMPER ruining your family fun?

Is TEMPER causing you, your child or others problems?

Do you and your child want to be “in charge” of TEMPER instead of TEMPER being “in charge” of you?

If you answered YES to these questions, you may be interested in signing up for the 8 week Virtual Temper Taming Group.

Space is limited!

All families receive an activity box with fun weekly projects.


Starting: January 12 to March 2, 2022

Wednesdays: 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

The Caregiver Workshop on January 12th, 2022 is for Parents & Caregivers only from 6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. and is required to enroll in the group.


Parents/caregivers of children living in Haldimand and Norfolk.

This workshop is offered virtually via the Zoom platform. Wifi and a free Zoom account is required.

Cost: Free

To register call:

Contact HN 519-587-2441 or 1-800-265-8087 x350

Once registered a group lead will contact you to discuss the group and answer any questions you
might have.

G.I.R.L.S. Power Camp program has been offering a unique 3-day camp experience focused on Growth, Independence, Respect, Leadership and Self-esteem in partnership with Haldimand & Norfolk Women’s Services, Haldimand-Norfolk REACH, and Norfolk County.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and the uncertainty it brings, we have decided to offer our Virtual Camp in a box again. It’s not feasible for us to run an in-person camp at a half capacity, so we will play it safe and go virtual again for this year’s grade 8’s.

G.I.R.L.S. Power Camp November 2021 - Virtual Camp in Box

Virtual Camp in a Box is BACK and we have made some changes. When you register for your G.I.R.L.S. Power Camp in a Box, you will also be prompted to select which live virtual sessions you would like to sign up for. You can select none, the ones that pique your interest, or all of them! This is to better help us plan the live sessions and know how large our audience will be…

Virtual sessions will be spaced out this year, taking place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6pm - 8pm.

REGISTER FOR G.I.R.L.S. Power Camp, November 2021

A follow-up to the virtual program held in the spring, the Haldimand-Norfolk G.I.R.L.S. Power Camp returns this November 2021 with a second edition virtual program in November.

Registration will be open in October, exclusive to Grade 8 girls attending an elementary school in Haldimand-Norfolk. Starting November 30th we will be offering two virtual sessions per week, wrapping up on December 16th.

Registered participants can join us online for interactive sessions, discussion groups, activities and have access to pre-recorded videos on topics that relate to camp.

To register go to - https://hngirlspowercamp.ca/

Groups & Workshops for Parents and Caregivers

Check back soon for new dates!

Caregivers in Haldimand, Norfolk and neighbouring communities please join us to explore the skills of Emotion Coaching (from Emotion Focus Family Therapy) to help:

• Support your child’s emotion regulation

• Improve your relationship with your child

• Set up appropriate limits at any age


November 5, 12, 19, 2021

9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Space is limited

This workshop is offered virtually via the Zoom platform


Parents/caregivers of children living in Haldimand and Norfolk

Cost: Free

To register call:

Contact HN 519-587-2441 or 1-800-265-8087 x350

Positive Discipline In Everyday Parenting (Virtual Group)

Wednesdays beginning January 12- March 9, 2022

6:00pm to 7:30pm

Want to raise your child, not your voice? Our problem solving model promotes healthy child development and strong parent-child relationships for parents/caregivers with children up to the age of 6.

This group is offered in partnership with Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation EarlyON Child and Family Centre.

For more information visit www.positivedisciplineeveryday.com

To register call Barb at 519-587-2441 or 1-800-265-8087 Ext. 405

Moms get together weekly to talk about things that matter to them including relationships, parenting, and
friendships. This group is currently being offered in a virtual format.


Wednesdays 1:00-3:00 pm from September until June.


Parents/caregivers of children ages 0 to 6

Cost: Free

To register for a Parenting Group

Call the Parenting Program Facilitator at 519-587-2441 or 1-800-265-8087 Ext 405

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Caregiver Support Group

The objectives of the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Caregiver Support Group are to:

  • Establish a safe environment to discuss experiences of living with an individual with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
  • Reduce isolation by facilitating caregiver connections
  • Assist each other in becoming advocates
  • Develop skills that assist in understanding and managing the needs of an individual with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
  • Provide a forum for resources and discussion


Anyone supporting a person living with an FASD is welcome

To make a referral
Call 519-587-2441 or 1-800-265-8087 Ext 274

The Agency endeavours to provide a Scent-Free environment for the safety and comfort of all. Please refrain from the use of scented products when attending any of our sites and/or programs.
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